Wednesday, September 2, 2009

thanks, Today Show

Today Show: Moving on after a Miscarriage

i think it is really important to talk about miscarriage and i have also experienced this feeling that i shouldn't talk about it. i have a couple great friends....but not one that has actually gone through miscarriage. they were supportive but i felt a distance from them. so i looked for support online. luckily, i found other bloggers, i found amazing friends on babycenter. if you have never gone through a miscarriage, you are very lucky....and please remember to be thoughtful to any women who have. it will not go away immediately. you will hear about it for a very long time. please do not make this a forbidden not tell me to focus on other things. do not tell me to find a new hobby. do not tell me that it happens to everyone and it is so common. this does not make me feel better. thanks and i love you.


  1. I completely agree - my friends have been nice, but it is difficult to talk to them about it since they haven't had one. Thank god for babycenter and blogs or I would've thought something was seriously wrong with me. I'm shocked that no one discusses it very much since it is so common.

  2. I can't imagine what it would be like to go through a miscarriage. I'm sure it takes a ton of strength to mentally get through, and is something you can never forget.