Friday, September 25, 2009

bring on the carbs

cravings so far:

noah's bagel with veggie cream cheese, cucumber, tomato and lettuce.

donuts. must be chocolate cake donut with chocolate icing. only in morning. the thought of these any other time of the day makes me want to gag.

smoked salmon cream cheese on baguette.

chicken potpie.

also......i used to have the biggest sweet tooth imaginable. like i could, and have eaten half a layer cake in one sitting. i often eat half a dozen cupcakes without noticing. before the cookies have even made it to the cooling wrack, i have already eaten 3. but now.......not so much. i have no fact....cookies sound gross! dessert sounds unappealing and now i want to carb load on bagels! what the?!

the funny thing about pregnancy cravings is that they are random....and you become totally fixated on them to the point where nothing else will satisfy and you will drive extra miles and do weird things to conquer the craving.

also...hunger feels like sickness and sickness like hunger. it is slightly confusing. am i hungry? or do i need to vomit? i can't be hungry...i just ate.....but if i don't have a veggie bagel right now i might die. veggie bagel. veggie bagel. veggie bagel.

i am still pretty sure my nausea is going to get worse. still just comes in waves. i am expecting it to kick my ass any day now.

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