Tuesday, September 1, 2009


last night....while watching Mad Men and eating a slice of cake....i had the worst cramps. every so often i get mittelschmerz (love that word!) but they are normally on one side or the other....last night it was in the middle....just like really bad AF cramps. so i bitched and moaned and complained....and then realized i should be having sex, not complaining. so we did. i sorta wonder it this means i have a cyst or something.....hmmm...another thing to worry about. wonderful.

so....now i am on to the next wait.....2 weeks....should go pretty fast, with labor day weekend, the kid starting school, tons of house guests during the entire month of September....i think we have someone here every weekend. so i will have lots of laundry to do and bed's to make.

i am keeping my expectations low, of course. it is only the second cycle of "really" trying....after a surprise pregnancy turned miscarriage.....after 7 months of "sorta" trying but not really giving it a real effort, after a pregnancy and miscarriage 9 months ago, which was after "really" trying for 3 cycles.


yay for "high" even though it means close to nothing!!

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