Thursday, September 17, 2009

hcg fun facts

whew! so happy that part is over and the numbers look good!! Doc told me to stay on the progesterone and low dose aspirin and that i will probably stay on it until 8 weeks. He asked if i wanted to come in for an ultrasound next week and i said i would rather wait until 7 weeks so we can for sure see the heartbeat. So now I have to wait FOREVER to make it past the next huge milestone. I will go in Oct 6th for the ultrasound. eeeeeek!!!

side note: i had a tiny bit of pink spotting on tuesday. only there once. teensy tiny bit. of course i freaked. before the spotting i was taking a nice, innocent, peaceful nap. and um......out of NOWHERE had a CRAZY SEX DREAM!!! so, i guess this is common in pregnancy for some women......and before i would have said "sign me up for that symptom!" but after dream..... i had spotting which freaked me the fuck out. so i will never orgasm again. NEVER! and the worst part of this is how i had to explain all this to my very sweet, very handsome DOCTOR. i should have thought this having a male doc thing through......he used the word "climax" and i almost died from embarrassment and changed the subject as fast as i could to prenatal vitamins. (he said the spotting was nothing to worry about, btw)

anyway.....found this fun online hcg calculator deal and it gave me some interesting info. observe:

click on to enlarge

and here are my results:

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