Wednesday, July 8, 2009

daydream nursery

i am 7 days past ovulation....and it is boring. curb my are some thoughts on my dream nursery....

this changes every few months.....just like my list of baby names.

i really like bright white clean nurseries. i like white or light blue walls, light wood accents and some splashes of cheerful color like turquoise or yellow or orange (so pretty much like the colors of this here blog). i want handmade quilts, baby animal art and bird and owl stuff. but not too themey or cute.....i don't want owl overload or anything.....but an owl lamp, perhaps.

i am pretty sure i want a white crib.

i like some modern stuff with touches of cozy cottage stuff.

here are some of my fave inspiration photos right now:


  1. what a cool lamp! i like the minimalist idea for a nursery. it seems very relaxing.

  2. isn't that cute! i think the base (or one similar) can be found at urban outfitters. i love the idea of a clean and calming...light yet warm......soothing space. my daughters nursery was kind of sage green with yellow and floral crib bedding and maple furniture...very earthy....and i want something different the next time around. i am sure by the time it actually happens i will either have it all figured out down to the fixtures....or i won't care at all by that point. :)