Wednesday, May 20, 2009


nothing takes the wind out of your sails like a negative pregnancy test.

i know it could be too early. i am 11 days past ovulation. i also know it is most likely not happening this month. i feel the odds are against me.

it is funny how i have had some real promising "symptoms" the last couple days.....but pms can be so similar to early pregnancy symptoms.

for example....when i was pregnant in November....i drove by some protesters...holding signs that said things like "stop war" and "peace" and "bring our troops home".....and all these people waving and giving the peace sign. it made me cry. i was totally crying thinking about peace.

which brings me to today....driving....a tupac (2pac?) song comes on the radio.....the one he wrote to his "momma" about how he appreciates her for raising him in the hood on welfare. and it made me get all teary. the kind of weepy that only makes sense if you are pregnant. but.....perhaps i was just a lil emotional about a neg test....or it could be pms.....but pms normally just makes me a raging bitch.

to make me feel better after the failed test...i got a latte and an almond croissant. take that hopeful pregnancy. i will not deprive myself of a latte for stupid hopes and dreams anymore!!

excuse me while i go wallow around and mope.

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