Sunday, May 17, 2009

i could also join a bird club, or volunteer at a falconry rescue.

fun fact!
number of people close to me that have had a baby or gotten pregnant since we started trying: 7

i made the mistake of walking into a new store today....called crewcuts. it is the jcrew store for kids. i am more of an urban outfitters and anthropologie girl......but....something about the preppy little boy clothes.....the tiny brown leather loafers, knit cardigans, the plaid shorts, the seersucker mini suit and itty bitty ties......just KILL ME.

dear stork,

someday....i would like a boy. please. PLEASE.

in exchange for this i will stop using my car so much, i will join a group that rebuilds habitat for birds, i will fix the broken birdbath in my yard, i will recycle all time (even when i am not at home and can't find a recycling bin and the trash is right there), i will never choose plastic, i will get a hummingbird feeder, i will stop calling pigeons "rats with wings" and i will continue to feed breadcrumbs to the seagulls and ducks.


see you soon!

p.s. i would also take a girl. or both. xo!

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