Friday, May 15, 2009


story of this month:

took opk (ovulation prediction) on May 8th, my husbands birthday and it was positive. i did not tell him about it.
not expecting much to happen in the world of baby making since we had a conversation the week before about waiting a few more months to really try.
on May 9th, my 30th birthday, (and my ovulation day) we had a fancy 5 course dinner. it was amazing. best meal of my life. we also had a bottle of champagne.....which i think lead to the after dinner hump fest in the CAR. the car. so trashy.

thus giving me a little bit of hope for this month. was a full moon.

today is 6 days past ovulation.
i will wait to test until next friday.
so one week.

please please please let this be the story of conception. i would be so proud.

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