Monday, May 18, 2009

i heart FF

sometimes i really love fertility friend......and other times.....i feel like she is teasing me.....stringing me along.....hiding things.....sometimes i swear fertility friend is trying to make me go completely the equivalent to slipping me some acid, twirling me around, dropping me off in the jungle and covering me with honey.

when i was using my temperature to chart.....FF would randomly add things and change things around. one minute she would say "everything looks GREAT and so promising" and the next take away the cross hairs and say "your chances are not good.....not good at all".

then why use fertility friend? because of times like this:

info tidbit!!! this particular "info tidbit" gives me such hope today....just when i needed it. it is almost like FF could sense my slipping faith.....and gave me a shout out. FF really is the Oracle with all the answers.

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