Monday, July 6, 2009

another day in July

i am still feeling in i am not obsessing about symptoms or non symptoms and i am 5 days past ovulation. i am not going to be upset if nothing happens this month and will move on excitedly to next month (i kind of have a feeling about August) cycle is kind of weird this month....more like the timing is weird....i am going to have 2 cycles in July...meaning i already ovulated once on July 1st and then i will ovulate again at the end of July. 2 chances in 1 month! way to go, July!

My new approach to convince my husband to give it a "real" go next month will be this: i am going to be a bridesmaid in my best friends (since kindergarten!) wedding next July. so.....i would prefer to NOT BE HUGELY PREGNANT, in a bridesmaid dress, next July. I would prefer to have a baby in April or May and have at least 2 months to lose some of the weight.

see that? that sounds like a good plan, right? i think he should agree and jump on board, so to speak.

my period is due next Tuesday, July 14th. i am not going to test at all this cycle, unless my period is late. i have wasted hundreds of dollars on tests. it is gross to think about. i am tired of literally pissing away money.

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