Tuesday, July 14, 2009


omg omg omg omg omg


so......remember what i said before....about waiting for my period to start so we can really get "trying"? remember when i said i didn't have any "symptoms"......and then i said that i didn't have any with the last pregnancy? remember when i said that one time during my "fertile window, the one sad green dot wasn't enough?

ummmm. so.....
i bought a pack of tests yesterday. to have for next month. and when i got home i took one just to without a doubt know that my period was on her way....so we could move on.....to the next month.....of "really trying"......and it was weird.....there was this light pink line. so light. so freaking light that i kind of thought i was losing my shit. i had finally gone batty.

this morning i re-tested. i used another First Response test and the Clear Blue Digital test i have been saving for months. the line test looked the same as yesterday......but the digital......

i am totally freaking out.

but trying to stay calm.

i am trying not to get ahead of myself. i need to chill out....until i see a heartbeat.....and then i will start online power shopping for the nursery :)


  1. OMG!! Yay!!!!!!! Congrats:)! That is so funny how you were completely sure you weren't preggo and that is when you were:).

  2. Yay, again I am soooo happy for you!!!