Sunday, July 12, 2009


my husband just agreed to finally start REALLY TRYING!!!!! i am so excited.....and can't wait for the next cycle to get here!

it is funny...he said.....can you promise me a boy? and i said yes. i will give you an heir. but that means we actually have to pay attention and time everything right and not just "see what happens" like we have been...and um, of course it has not been working.

(btw we have been watching the Tudors....hence the "heir" talk.....and we both want a boy)

i am so thrilled and if you ever look at my FF chart will see the difference of "really trying" and not really trying. look at the amount of sex in October!!! i mean seriously! i think we only missed 2 days out of the ENTIRE MONTH! and of course i got pregnant that way.

this will be the first cycle in a long time that i will actually be happy when my period shows we can move on to the next one. this blog is ABOUT TO GET GOOD, people.


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