Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the nitty gritty of this month's cycle...for those who like this type of stuff.

for those of you who want to know....because i kept track out of habit...not because i was expecting anything for this month. i am so happy i was wrong! this is crazy! ( i am still in disbelief)

again....we only 'did the deed' once, 2 days before when i think i ovulated. i didn't do any ovulation prediction tests or temperature charting. i base when i ovulated off of my cervical mucus and posisition.

i was really gassy starting at 4 dpo. i thought this was because of the new diet i was doing where i eat a lot of beans :)

5 dpo lots of thick creamy CM, cervix really low and soft

6 dpo still creamy CM. and i had a ton of uterus spasms. i made a note about them feeling like "phantom baby kicks". at one point it felt like half of my uterus dropped and then jumped. it was very odd. could i have felt implantation??? (i also felt lots of these bubbly spasms around 1-2 dpo but thought nothing of it).

7 dpo i made a note that i "slept in til 10:30am" and that i felt really gassy and had cramps. i made brownies that night :)

8 dpo the only thing i wrote was that i went out that night and had 2 beers and a glass of wine. whoops!!!!

9 dpo i had a dream that i got my period. i had a headache and felt crabby and bloated.

10 dpo woke up hungry. i started breaking out on my face. lots of little pimples on my forehead and chin.

11 dpo i had a little heartburn at bedtime and a mild wave of nausea...lasted about 30 seconds.

12 dpo got a faint positive. felt a lot of uterus twinges at bedtime, some side pings of pain, dull cramping. and i had indigestion.

13 dpo woke up starving, headache, crampy and brownish IB

all of this is from notes i made on my fertility friend chart. i really feel normal......i mean....i don't have any extreme cramps and my boobs feel fine. we will see how that changes in the next couple weeks.

i also noticed my cervix felt generally softer and lower during this 2 week wait.

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  1. haha, cool. yeah, i've had every preggo symptom without being pregnant - so maybe the cycle I don't get any symptoms will be the BFP month:).