Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cycle day 3

Thank you for all the kind words. Love you guys! May you never go through anything remotely similar and may you all get BFP's very soon!

I am still bleeding. Was pretty heavy the first day and now it seems like a normal period. Got my blood work back from yesterday and my hcg level is ZERO. which......is good. because it means i had a complete miscarriage and can move on.

I am going back in this week to have more blood work done. He is going to test my thyroid and make sure it is normal. He is also going to make sure i don't have any auto-immune or blood clotting disorders. woohoo! see! this doc is getting SHIT DONE.

my last doc sucked big time. she kinda just shrugged and said better luck next time. i hold a major grudge and will never go back to her. (also...i was left high and dry before christmas and had to find a new doc, on DEC 23rd, to preform a D and C...because my doc was "snowed in" and couldn't come to work.....EFF YOU, doctor dumbo! you lose!)

whoa......progesterone much? i may have some residual hormone issues this week.

Emotionally i feel.....like i need vanilla vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon. or 3.

And after that.....after i am done with this "period".....i am going to be the healthiest version of myself. i am going to cut back on all my loves, er, vices...... sugar, coffee, alcohol.

I will swim and run. i will eat veggies and drink tea. i will make my uterus a happy healthy place. why wouldn't you want to implant here? it is SO nice. man....this uterus is top notch.....you should stick around for awhile. i am going to have so many zygotes wanting my uterus....thinking twins or triplets, people. bah! i wish.

I feel sad but eager to move on. eager to try for the boy (remember my plan? that was only a week ago! crazy). slightly scared for the future and what it will mean, but excited and hopeful at the same time. btw...my new, revised time line:

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  1. hello!
    i can be your cycle buddy! (but i'll be a bit behind since my ute's slow . . . )
    this weekend, while on our camping trip, i might just have to console myself with a bit of wine-
    hope all is well-