Monday, July 13, 2009

oh boy oh boy

i don't know...but i think conceiving a boy sounds like WAY more fun:

what i will be doing later this month....assuming my period shows up by Wednesday:

so today i am 12 days past ovulation.
still expecting my period today or tomorrow. although i did have weird heartburn with a moment of slight nausea last night....but....i have been doing this for enough months now that nothing seems like a symptom anymore. i have had every single possible "symptom" and had the harsh realization that none of them mean pregnancy. and the month i DID get pregnant i had no symptoms at all except cramping on 9 dpo, implantation spotting on 10 dpo, and then i got the positive test on 11 dpo. my boobs got weird about 2 weeks later, and that is when the extreme sickness started as well.

after all these months i actually find myself more grounded. i went from being hyper aware of my body and spazzing out with hope every time i felt carsick or had gas...and i know that sometimes i feel my uterus spasm. sometimes i get gas. sometimes i am tired. sometimes i am weepy and cry at 2pac songs. the only thing to really focus on and spaz out a positive pregnancy test.


  1. Where are you? I just saw your pics on bbc, Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! I couldn't be more happy for you! Yay. H&h 9 months!!!